A downloadable game for Windows

VR Austin Game Jam 2018!

Avoid wooden planks and barrels, and grab coal to Stop That Train!


Stop That Train!_1.0.0.0_x64_Master.cer 738 bytes
Stop That Train!_1.0.0.0_x64_Master.appx 68 MB

Install instructions

Stop That Train! is a Windows Mixed Reality Game, so you need to sideload the included appx. You will need both the WMR headset and the controllers.

1. Install the test certificate Stop That Train!_1.0.0.0_x64_Master.cer

2. Connect your WMR headset and controllers, launching the Windows Mixed Reality Portal.

3. Install  Stop That Train!_1.0.0.0_x64_Master.appx by double-clicking on it.

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